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Bookkeeping Affiliate


Sandi Rytting is a bookkeeper at Lagom Accounting. Spotlight Accounting has referred bookkeeping clients to Lagom Accounting since November 2021.

Sandi has several years of experience as a bookkeeper, tax assistant, and accountant, as well as assisting small businesses with a wide range of needs covering everything from creating policies & procedures and employee manuals to assisting a forensic accounting firm in an alleged embezzlement case.


Sandi has a bachelor’s degree in business administration- accounting and is a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor.

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Marketing and Creative Director, Website Producer


Megan is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the marketing efforts of Spotlight Accounting including the development of the website.

Besides her work in behalf of Spotlight Accounting, Megan works for her local WIC clinic as a breastfeeding peer counselor, is developing her own business, and is raising four children alongside Aaron.

Megan enjoys sewing and crocheting, binge-watching favorite tv shows and YouTube channels, and having great discussions and/or great laughs with Aaron.



IT Specialist Consultant

Randy Burgoyne is an entrepreneur and ardent supporter of other business-makers—see where Aaron gets it? Randy is a self-proclaimed “geek” following his long history working with and loving technology and IT. FarGeek offers 100% remote tech support and is Spotlight Accounting’s go-to for all IT support.

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Photographer, Social Media Consultant

Erin Glade is a long-time family friend, a photographer, and an entrepreneur. Among her services she offers business branding photography which she provided for Spotlight Accounting using our very own Spot and a Burgoyne family heirloom bookkeeping record.

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