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Expert Bookkeeping and Investigative Accounting

Spotlight Accounting

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About Spotlight Accounting

Aaron Burgoyne has several years of experience as a forensic accountant and fraud examiner. Having seen accounting records for many different companies, he noticed that not all of them had reliable data on which management could rely for proper business decision making. Aaron founded Spotlight Accounting in 2018, where he developed a system in providing bookkeeping services for small businesses and senior living centers.


In 2021, Aaron referred most of his bookkeeping clients to Lagom Accounting and focused his practice solely on forensic accounting. Aaron is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor.

Who Can We Help?


Small Businesses

You didn't go into business to do bookkeeping; you did it so you can do what you love! With Spotlight Accounting on your team, you are free to run your business while having confidence that the finances are in good hands.


Senior Living Centers

Assisted living centers are our longest type of client! Spotlight Accounting's proprietary processes are built with assisted living centers in mind. Because of our familiarity with the industry, we are able to operate quickly and efficiently.



The professionals at Spotlight Accounting have worked with attorneys from all across the country. We provide accounting expertise in a wide range of applications, including divorce cases, fraud cases, or damage calculations in intellectual property infringement cases.

Our Services

"Aaron is a keeper....[He] keeps up with reconciliation and I can always rely on
up-to-date accurate reports....I would highly recommend using Aaron for bookkeeping."
--Dennis M. 


High-quality bookkeeping by an experienced CPA at a lower cost than having one on staff.


Three service packages get you the level of attention you desire for your bookkeeping needs.


"[Aaron] has always been very knowledgeable, thorough and responsible on our projects....and is very detail-oriented. He handles himself in a professional manner and is honest an trustworthy." --Scott H. 



Skilled financial investigations and fraud evaluations by a proficient CPA and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner).

Forensic accounting, fraud examination, and litigation support services for personal and commercial disputes.

Financial Report

"I have questions and he gets back to me so fast with answers! He is a pro with QuickBooks and has taught me a lot!" --Annie M. 



Setup, cleanup, training and support for QuickBooks Online by a certified QBO Pro-Advisor.

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