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Financial Report

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online provides the flexibility and convenience for you and your team to manage the company's finances from anywhere. While remote access has been increasingly important in recent years, 2020 has deemed it essential!

We currently work exclusively with QuickBooks Online. With QuickBooks Online, you can manage your company's finances from anywhere! Create professional-looking invoices, streamline your bill-paying procedures, and reconcile your bank accounts with ease!


Spotlight Accounting employs QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors. This means that they have received training and passed an exam showing that they know what they're doing in QuickBooks Online. With Spotlight Accounting as a part of your accounting team, you are in good hands!

Our services include several different aspects of using QuickBooks Online, such as setting up the account and training you on how to use it; cleaning up past years of accounting transactions so they are summarized plainly on your financial statements; as well as providing consulting services for those times that you just aren't sure how to do a certain task in QuickBooks Online.


Not currently using QuickBooks Online? We can help you convert your records from QuickBooks Desktop or help you transition your records from any other accounting system. Additionally, Spotlight Accounting can offer you a discount on a new QuickBooks Online subscription!


QuickBooks Online SETUP

While QuickBooks Online is a great system, you'll probably end up disappointed if you do not set it up properly at the very beginning. Input your Products and Services ahead of time to make invoicing a breeze! Customize your invoices to look neat and professional. Organize your Chart of Accounts to show the expense categories that are important to your tax professional as well as to you as a business owner!

Spotlight Accounting will:​

  • Customize the income and expense categories you want to use for your business in your Chart of Accounts

  • Add products and services you provide to your customers to speed up invoice creation

  • Sign up to receive QuickBooks Payments, which allows customers to pay directly from an electronic/emailed invoice. 

  • Customize the style of your invoices

  • Add authorized users

  • *All setup can be completed remotely*

QuickBooks Online 

Are you behind on your bookkeeping? Spotlight Accounting can help you get caught up. Do you need a little help here and there, but not enough to require monthly assistance? Our staff can quickly and efficiently resolve the problems you're seeing. Are you spending too much time in QuickBooks? We can provide you with tips and tricks to save you time and effort.

Spotlight Accounting will: 

  • Catch up on work for past months and years

  • Implement features such as recurring transactions and banking rules to simplify your bookkeeping processes and save time managing the books

  • Resolve common errors seen in QuickBooks relating to account reconciliations, duplicate expenses and income, resolving vendor and customer accounts, and undeposited funds

  • *All work can be completed remotely*


Prices are customized to your business after a free initial consultation.

QuickBooks Online TRAINING

Getting used to a new accounting system can be daunting. Spotlight Accounting can provide you with the training you need to do your specific tasks. We'll not only show you what to do, but how those tasks affect the financial statements as a whole. You'll develop a better understanding of how your role is an important part of the overall accounting process.

Through this service you will: 

  • Learn processes in QuickBooks customized to your role; don't spend time learning things that you don't need to know!

  • Become more comfortable navigating QuickBooks Online

  • Discover new time-saving tips like using recurring transactions and banking rules

  • Understand how the different transactions affect the financial statements

  • Identify common errors that you can resolve yourself

  • *All training can be completed remotely*

CONVERSION QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop, while a wonderful system, does not work for all businesses. If you feel you could benefit from the flexibility of a cloud-based accounting system, Spotlight Accounting can convert your data to QuickBooks Online. We don't even need to be on location with you! If you have access to the internet (which you will need in order to do the conversion to QuickBooks Online), then we can perform the conversion 100% remotely.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based accounting system

  • Access QuickBooks from anywhere, including a mobile app

  • Have confidence that your data is converted properly

  • The entire conversion process can be managed remotely


"Aaron Burgoyne has been such a great asset to Covington Village. I have questions and he gets back to me so fast with answers! He is a pro with QuickBooks and has taught me a lot! I am very grateful to him and his team! They are the best!"

--Annie Maguire


"My wife and I...recently changed from QuickBooks desktop, to QuickBooks online and soon found we were in over our heads. After a frustrating year of here and there advice...we were referred by our accountant to check out Aaron....
Within just a few minutes [of our appointment with Aaron] I could tell he was very proficient with QuickBooks and accounting. He spent an hour or so with us, took some notes and work home with him, and in just a couple of days we were completely caught up and current. We are by no means QuickBooks pros now, so we still call Aaron from time to time and he always helps us with 100 % satisfaction.
We would highly recommend Aaron to anyone needing his expertise, we found him very easy to communicate and work with, his rates are extremely fair and he has taken a huge amount of stress and anxiety out of our lives. And last but not least, We have a new friend !!"
--Don Wood


"Spotlight Accounting has been a great resource to our nonprofit organization. Aaron converted all our accounting system files to [Quickbooks Online from desktop] and provided training so that we felt confident using it. I have called him for advice since the conversion and he has been responsive and helpful."

--Liz Quealy

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