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Reviewing the Laws


Investigative accounting involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting complex financial and business matters and summarizing and communicating them clearly. These services are used for forensic accounting, fraud examination, and litigation support.

Forensic accounting, also called investigative accounting, is the application of finance and accounting principles to be used as evidence in a court of law or some other dispute. One of the best-known uses of forensic accounting is in fraud examination, where investigative skills are used to obtain evidence of financial wrongdoing. 

Investigations at Spotlight Accounting are performed by Aaron R. Burgoyne, CPA, CFE. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Aaron has experience and training in following accounting transactions, developing sound arguments, and reporting on the facts in a clear and persuasive manner.

Investigative accounting is used in cases of: 

  • Employee theft

  • Falsification of financial statement information

  • Insurance fraud

  • Hidden assets in divorce 

  • Breach of contract

  • Business valuation disputes

  • Copyright, trademark, or patent infringement

  • Trade secret misappropriation

  • Breach of nondisclosure or noncompete agreements

  • Partnership/shareholder disputes

  • Marital disputes

  • Corruption

  • Misappropriation of assets

  • Management/employee fraud

Hourly rate for investigative accounting services will be discussed during a free initial consultation.


"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Aaron Burgoyne. I worked with Aaron for three years on damage analysis and litigation support related to intellectual property infringement. Professionally, Aaron is bright, broadly knowledgeable, and has an extraordinary work ethic. He also has an excellent attention to detail, the likes of which I have rarely seen. On the personal side, Aaron is a pleasure to be around, and is a person of the highest integrity." --Karen Romrell


"Aaron assisted Klein & Associates in the forensic reconstruction of financial transactions for a group of companies accused of taking over $100 million from investors in violation of the law. Aaron showed excellent skills in researching the history of transactions, preparing summaries of money flows, and creating illustrative graphics that highlighted key transactions. I highly recommend Aaron's skills and work ethic." --Wayne Klein


Forensic Accounting

  • Compile financial evidence

  • Conduct interviews

  • Analyze and interpret financial data

  • Identify assets

  • Trace funds

  • Calculation of economic damages

  • Communicate findings in reports or presentations

  • Testify as an expert witness

Image by John Schnobrich

Fraud Examination

  • Collect evidence

  • Conduct interviews

  • Analyze and interpret data

  • Identify fraudulent financial transactions

  • Calculate magnitude of misappropriation

  • Identify red flags and causes of fraud

  • Communicate how to prevent and deter future fraud

  • Compile and compose reports

  • Testify as an expert witness

Business Meeting

Litigation Support

  • Provide consulting services to attorneys

  • Prepare deposition questions related to finances

  • Perform financial investigations 

  • Review evidence produced as part of discovery

  • Research background and facts

  • Interpret and communicate findings in reports

  • Develop trial presentation materials

  • Testify as an expert witness

Hourly rate for investigative accounting services will be discussed during a free initial consultation.


See Aaron's CV for thorough details of his qualifications and experience.


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